Fire-resistant elements

National regulations stipulate that publicly accessible and some residential buildings must be built in such a way that they provide adequate protection from fire, which includes minimizing risks of fire outbreaks and facilitating fire-fighting and rescue operations.

Depending on the building use and safety requirements, windows, doors and walls of various fire resistance classes are set up. Such elements may only be combined with a fire-resistant pane of glass of the same category as the element itself. Only in that way, the element comply with the attestation and meets the applicable fire protection properties.

Every fire-resistant element is not automatically smoke-tight. That is the task of smoke-tight elements, which have a special sealing installed. Therefore, guaranteeing protection from smoke gases.

We produce fire-resistant doors, windows, and façades of various fire resistance classes and diverse profile systems.


Depending on the area of use, fire-resistant doors can also be equipped with additional functions (such as smoke-tight, burglar-resistant) and must always have a self-closing mechanism.


We produce fixed-glazed and openable windows, which also must be self-closing.


Fire-resistant façades are made with small changes or adaptations to the classic Mullion-Transom façades. Since these two systems do not show any difference in optic, we can easily combine both in the same building.

Every fire-resistant element must be produced in accordance with the valid certificate of conformity and equipped with an identification plate, from which its properties are recognizable. At Alu Alprem, we have set up a strict system to control the production of fire-resistant elements. Additionally, our company is regularly audited by external accredited institutions.



  • Reliable protection in case of fire
  • Long service life

Additional possibilities:

  • Professional installation in accordance with the certificate requirements
  • Possible combination with classic elements
  • With glass or panel
  • Optional with overlight or side lights
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