Glass façades

Aluminium glass façades are used extensively in commercial buildings. Their modern design contributes to the more prominent recognition of the building and has many other advantages.

Alu Alprem is specialized in the production of Mullion-Transom façades, Structural-Glazing façades, and Semi-Structural façades from high-quality façades systems, which allow us to ensure high values of thermal and sound insulation as well as safety. These façades are appropriate both for new construction and for refurbishment.

Modern glazed façades vary in structure and can adapt to specific requirements of individual buildings. They can have different types of elements integrated, such as windows with varying possibilities of opening (turn-tilt, top-hung, pivoting, parallel opening, etc.), doors with an optional jutting roof, sliding elements, solar panels, sun shading, or panels. The design variations are almost endless.

We can find the most optimal solutions for our clients’ requirements with the wealth of our experience and knowledge acquired on different façade projects. We can take care of the entire project management, from planning to the timely installation.


  • Optimal thermal and sound insulation
  • Flexibility with respect to size and form
  • Improved utilization of natural sunlight
  • Possible integration of different elements
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Long service life

Additional possibilities:

  • Burglary or bullet-resistant
  • Fire-resistant or smoke-tight
  • Powder-coated in all RAL colours or anodized
  • Different colours of glass
  • Decorative cover strips
If you have any questions or would like to receive more information on aluminium façades, please contact us.