Panoramic glazing

Minimally visible profile, large glazed surfaces, more transparency and light—in villas, luxury homes, or business premises.

Panoramic windows offer wonderful views of the surrounding nature and bring more daylight into a room. They increase our feeling of well-being and improve the quality of living. Panoramic glazing has good thermal insulation properties and contributes to energy savings.

Panoramic glazing offers many design possibilities:

× Fixed glazing: due to the aluminium’s stability, we can produce large elements without additional mullions. Fixed glazing combined with a sliding or folding door enables direct access to the garden or terrace.

× Lift-sliding doors are installed in rooms where we want to have barrier-free access to the terrace or garden. They can be operated manually or automatically.

× Parallel-slide & tilt doors combine the advantages of the sliding and tilting functions. For ventilation, they can be tilted like a regular window, and for accessing the outside area, they can be moved to one side. They are convenient and space-saving and are mainly used in smaller rooms.

× Folding doors are ideal for larger rooms as individual wings fold and open over the entire front. Folding doors can open inwards, outwards, to the left, right, or from the middle to both sides.


  • Increased daylight
  • Good thermal and sound insulation values
  • Unobstructed views of nature
  • Direct access to garden or terrace
  • Easy operation despite large wings

Additional possibilities:

  • Glass corner
  • Possible installation to a modern façade
  • Burglar resistant possible
  • Powder-coated in all RAL colours or anodized
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