Project Brinox

Type of works performed by Alu Alprem:

  • Glazed façade
  • Alu windows
  • Alu fire-resistant doors and windows
  • Alu ventilated cladding
  • Inner walls


  • RAL installation
  • 90 days

The small town of Sora near Medvode seats the company Brinox. For more than 35 years, the company has been producing equipment for the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and food industries.

We constructed the entire cladding of the business building. Next to safety, the company’s wish was to achieve high efficiency of the building. The ventilated façade now has an insulation of 20 cm and low-energy glass. Safety glass that was built in is triple glass with a safety foil. Alu profiles with an additional thermal insulation ensure minimal heat loss. In order to provide adequate fire safety of the building, we installed fire-resistant elements inside the building and integrated windows on the façade that open for smoke discharge. Building elements were installed according to RAL guidelines.

At the time when the construction works were finished, the Brinox building had the best insulation values that we constructed so far.