Project Čaplja

Type of works performed by Alu Alprem:

  • Glazed façade
  • Windows and doors
  • Glazed roof
  • Fire-resistant doors and façade


  • High load-bearing capacity
  • 272 m2 of glass roof
  • Hidden door leaves
  • Wood & aluminium combination
  • Fire protection

The Čaplja building is the operational centre located at the foot of the ski jumping hill Bloudkova velikanka in Planica. During competitions it serves ski jumpers and their teams. The building is also used for organisation of various meetings, conferences or seminars.

Alu Alprem produced and installed the entire glazing at the object. The glazed elements were combined with wood that serves both as a load-bearing structure and as a decorative element. The external doors are structural with overlapping profiles. The glass roof can bear extreme loads imposed by snow. Toughened and laminated glass was used on the roof. The inner glazing covering the entire wall was made as a combination of a classic glazed and a fire-proof aluminium façade.