Project Cargo Partner

Type of works performed by Alu Alprem:

  • Façade glazing
  • Windows and doors
  • Fire-resistant doors
  • Partition walls
  • Skylight
  • Glass balustrades


  • Short deadline for installation
  • Participation in project preparation

Close to the Ljubljana Airport, the international logistics giant Cargo Partner has built its new logistic center for Central and Eastern Europe with a total floor area of about 30.000 m².

We made all the aluminum structures and glazed elements. During the first phase, we obtained a contract for the façade. Later on, we also received a contract for the implementation of all the internal glazing. The façade design reduces the building‘s energy consumption. The interior glazing is smoke-proof and achieves a high level of sound insulation. We almost had a year for the preparation. The majority of the elements were produced based on the previously harmonized plans. The installation time was very limited, and the scheduled work predominantly took place during the winter months. We completed the project within the foreseen deadlines.