Project Geberit

Type of works performed by Alu Alprem:

  • Semi-structural façade
  • Windows and doors
  • Fire-resistant doors
  • Partition walls
  • Glass balustrades


  • Printed glass in irregular forms
  • Profiles with above standard length
  • Wooden wings integrated into aluminum walls

The globally operating Geberit Group is the European leader in the field of sanitary products. Geberit operates as an integrated group with a very strong local presence in most European countries. It provides unique added value when it comes to sanitary technology and bathroom ceramics.

The glass façade is made from structural glazing on the first floor, and semi-structural façade on the ground floor. On the ground floor, all panes of glass have patterns. Three different colors were used. Due to the horizontal division of the façade, almost every pane is different. Doors on the façade are structural. Partition walls are soundproof with RW = 36dB (-2;-6), double glass, and unique wooden wings from bleached oak. In all passages, we installed fire-resistant doors EI30 and EI60 with an E-Opener. To separate the warehouse from the business area, we mounted a wall with sound and thermal protection (using RX Phone 50/42 (1,1) glass).