Project Sandoz Lek

Type of works performed by Alu Alprem:

  • Glass façade
  • Windows and doors
  • Fire-proof elements
  • Internal glazing


  • Construction catalogue
  • High grade of safety glass

The pharmaceutical company Lek (member of the Sandoz Novartis Group) has been co-designing the global pharmaceutical industry for more than 70 years. In the town of Mengeš, a new Novartis centre for biotechnology is being built.

Alu Alprem has built aluminium joinery for Lek´s past three investments in Mengeš. In 2018 for the building Port2, in 2019 for Port3 and in 2020 for the administration building and cafeteria B21. Based on the construction catalogue, which was designed by Büro Dreiplus Arhitekten ZT GmbH from Innsbruck, and the already existing building Sandoz, we had to adapt the project to the local situation. That demanded a lot of communication, review of the legislation, conformity and feasibility. We are happy that a client with such demanding projects has been intrusting us with the construction of their objects.