Project XAL

Type of works performed by Alu Alprem:

  • Windows and doors
  • Fire-resistant doors
  • Partition walls
  • Office partition wallsi


  • Special requirements
  • Semi-structural look of window strips

XAL is a world-renowned producer of luminaires, founded in 1989. The company specializes in luminaires and lighting systems for shops, offices, hotels, and the home. Their headquarters are located in Graz, Austria.

We produced and installed all glazing at XAL’s new centre in Murska Sobota. We constructed two large glass partition walls so that they fit the existing steel structure and can be demounted and moved to a different location if required. The same system was used for the control cabins; they were built in a Structural-Gazing system and provide an effective sound insulation. All window strips were built by combining façade and window profiles. The client found this construction method very interesting also for their headquarters in Austria.